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Welcome to Amrita Spa +91 +91 9971655238

Amrita Spa Center is a small oasis where you will forget about everyday life and dedicate yourself for a moment to yourself and your body. Release the tension, both physical and psychic. Allow yourself health! Pamper yourself!

Massage is the oldest form of therapy.

The beginnings of massages are age-old and the healing touch is natural to all cultures. Therefore, it is difficult to give the massage touch precise beginnings, although various references illustrate the role of massage from ancient times to the present.

In today's hurried times, people suffer from both mental and physical pain. Before you try your medication try massage, it's an ancient proven medicine that will definitely help you.

This ancient touch method is used primarily to relax, rehabilitate and, above all, to regenerate body and mind.

Massage is an excellent means of eliminating the consequences of our bad lifestyle, full of stress, lack of exercise, and one-sided muscular apparatus.

Massages require extensive knowledge of the body, especially bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. It is used to relieve pain and alleviate chronic symptoms and pain in muscles and bones, which are often caused by poor posture or standing or sitting.

It is invaluable in limited or slowed blood circulation, or when the lymphatic system is weakened after some illness.

Massage helps to maintain skin health and removes toxins and waste products from the body that can otherwise cause tension in the muscles and can lead to immobility. It also helps break down fat stores in the body.

Massage is actually a form of passive exercise, where the muscles contract and allow without the assistance of a massaged person. By stimulating the nervous system and increasing cellular metabolism, it relieves the pain from pain.

But the most important benefit of the massage is relaxation. Lots of people are surprised at how gentle it is to help reduce stress and tension.

It is proven that regular massage can effectively and naturally prevent back and musculoskeletal pain, accelerate the regeneration of the body and act greatly on the psyche.

Also, the proper eating condition and habits have a great impact on the psyche. There have been many discussions about how to live healthy and what a healthy diet is all about and countless views.

One thing is certain, as it used to be called ... "a healthy body in a healthy body". It is all related to everything, so I also try to constantly deepen my knowledge of health and be so helpful to people, advise or just listen.

. Pamper yourself and indulge in a massage or give a massage by your close gift voucher as an unforgettable experience.

Where is Amrita Spa?

Very easy, in the center of A/87, First Floor, Basant Kaur Marg, Malviya Nagar New Delhi, India, there is also the possibility of easy parking. After agreement I can visit you elsewhere, according to your needs.

What can you find on the premises?
pleasant massage
healing pyramid
stylish Bed
space for lectures, meditation and relaxation and rest

I only use high quality natural oils for all massages.

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